Vastu for Septic Tank

By: Ar. Pravin Kr. Maurya

Vastu for Septic Tank:

The evolutionary transition of our society from ‘traditional’ to ‘modern’ has led to some drastic changes in house structures and designing. One of such changes is the invention of septic tanks. Septic tanks are economical, environmentally friendly and effective private sewage treatment plants. However, like every other component of a house structure, they too must be built according to vastu for septic tank.


  • Septic tank must never face north east, south-east, or south west corner.
  • It should not directly touch the compound wall. In fact the tank must be at least two feet away from the wall.
  • If there is a scarcity of space, the tank must be in the northern corner of west. However, make sure that the tank is at least two feet away from the wall of your compound.
  • As per vastu for septic tank, the length of the tank must be in the east-west, while the breadth should be in the south-north.
  • Never construct the tank higher than the level of the house. Best is to build it at the ground floor.
  • The outlet of such tanks must be in the west or north.
  • If we divide the northern side in nine parts, the tank must fall in the third part from north-west.
  • The septic tank has three parts. Preferably, water must be in the eastern part and the outlet for excretion must be in the west.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • You should never have outlets in the south. However, in case the vent is in the southern direction it must be turned to north or east.
  • Bathroom and kitchen pipes must have their outlets in the north or east direction.
  • The bathroom pipes and toilet pipes must be diverted to the north-west or west direction.
  • The gutter can be in any other direction except for south.
  •  Pipes that come from the upper floor must never be in the south-west corner.

Effects of Septic Tank (When Located in Wrong Directions)

S. No.DirectionEffect
1NorthMonetary loss
2North-East (NE)Business Loss
3EastFame Loss
4South-East (SE)Wealth loss
5SouthLoss of Wife
6South-West (SW)Loss of Life
7WestMental Peace is Lost

Hence, the BEST THING that you can do (in case of incorrectly located septic tank) is to close the wrong one and make a new one at its correct vastu location.

Here’s the explanation of the image:

There’re 3 green colored “right marks” in the image, that’s the location where you’d want the septic tank of your house to be located as per vastu shastra.

Amongst the 3 “right marks”, the best location is towards the West side of the house.

While it’s said not to locate the septic tank in SE (2 orange colored “right marks”) of the house, some vastu consultants would allow that while others wouldn’t agree to this arrangement.

Hence the best you can do is to locate the septic tank as per the “all agreed” location of NW of the house.

It doesn’t matter whether your house is North facing or East, South or West, the septic tank must be in NW of the house.

Now, when you know the correct vastu location of a septic tank, here’re septic tank vastu tips (in do’s and don’ts format).

Septic Tank Vastu – What to Follow (5 Tips)

  1. The best location of a septic tank is in the NW of the house (see image).
  2. Make sure that the tank in not above the plinth level.
  3. Keep the tank 1-2 feet away from the compound wall.
  4. Orient the tank such that the length lies in East-West axis and its breadth in North-South axis.
  5. Orient the tank such that the water part from it leaves from East side and excretion (or solid) waste leaves from West.

 Septic Tank Vastu – What to Avoid (4 Tips)

  1. Avoid septic tank in NE.
  2. Never ever locate a septic tank in SW.
  3. The tank should never touch the compound wall or plinth.
  4. The outlet from the tank must never be from South side.

Apart from above septic tank vastu tips, here’re some more vastu instructions for pipelines that lead to septic tank.

Pipelines Vastu – What to Follow

  1. Pipelines from bathroom and kitchen should have outlets from North or East.
  2. Pipelines from toilets should be from West or NW.
  3. Replace or repair any broken pipelines.

Pipelines Vastu – What to Avoid

  1. No pipelines (from wherever) should have outlet from South (even by mistake). If there’re then make sure to turn them towards North or East or NW or West.
  2. Drainage pipes from upper floors should never be from SW.